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Mikvah in Flyover Country

Fargo North Dakota
The Jewish community of North Dakota is spread out over 80,000+ miles. Historically, there have been at least four mikvaos across North Dakota, but none exist today. Fargo, the state’s largest city, is over a four hour drive each way - and across the Canadian border - to the closest accessible Mikvah. In the harsh North Dakotan winters, roads are icy or even closed altogether due to storms. Though there are dozens of lakes across the state, they have been deemed unsuitable for Mikvah use. Flights to a nearby large Jewish community can be cost-prohibitive. Local Jewish women in Fargo have expressed that going to Mikvah is “a whole ordeal”. With expensive travel, weather delays, and in some cases needing to bring the entire family along, Mikvah is an experience that entails many challenges. Your contribution will build North Dakota’s only Mikvah and ensure that travel hardships don’t get in the way when Jewish women seek to fulfill this important mitzvah.

Rabbi Yonah and Esti Grossman


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