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Team Chaim Boyarsky for Chabad of Saskatoon!

Chaim Boyarsky
Water transforms everything. Mikvah connects each woman and her family to their innate spirituality, bringing blessings to themselves and those around them. Water is the primary source of all living things. It has the power to purify, restore, and replenish life. Mikvah ensures that G-d is a central part of our relationships and families. For years, mikvah-observant Jewish women in Saskatoon have had to travel hundreds of kilometers by plane, train, or car to reach the closest mikvah. They set aside many hours – even days – to travel long distances, incurring substantial costs each month. The distance, time, and cost involved prevent dozens of other women from participating in the mitzvah of mikvah. For years, Chabad of Saskatoon have hoped to build a mikvah that would give local Jewish women access to a mikvah right in our own backyard. They have the property, they have the design, and they are ready to build this mikvah and transform their community. They need to raise $300,000 CAD to build their mikvah. Let's play our small part and help them with $1,800. - Rabbi Chaim Boyarsky


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